Seedless 1g to 10g (Blue Widow) Hemp flowers

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Blue Widow

Very stinky whole Hemp buds 100% seedless the first none seeded whole Hemp buds for sale in the UK an EU market, we now have better indoor strains for sale but this is still very premium for outdoor/greenhouse hemp.

1g 2g 3.5g an 10 gram options 

Now upgraded to Indoor flower quality

Taste the rich & spicy combination of exotic Lemon, wild Berry fruits and Mango flavours in this extraordinary natural Hemp Tea (Heat in Milk)

seedless buds found only at Wholesalehenry, We know what you like...

If YOU think Hemp is rubbish after trying cheap Strains like Ferimon 12, we dare you to try the Blue Widow 100% Seedless Sensi Hemp by WholesaleHenry


This is an EU regulated Hemp strain called (TIBORSZALLASI) the name blue widow is purely for marketing purposes, this is none psychoactive and as such can't be considered a drug or drug paraphernalia, this is a natural Hemp product intended for usage as Tea grown on EU government regulated farms, some seeds may be found do not germinate them. 


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