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Tropical Cheese hemp flowers UK - CBD


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Tropical Cheese is the high quality Hemp flowers with Lemon flavor. 

grown indoor according to the organic method, without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Inside the package there is a clean and resinous inflorescence, without leaves, twigs or seeds, so it is defined as Cannabis sativa L Hemp Seedless.

The aroma of this inflorescence is reminiscent of the best cannabis qualities of the Dutch Coffee Shops an UK Cheese but is totally legal in the EU with a THC of less than 0.2% with certified analysis. With a very citrus smell it seems to have in hand a lemon ice cream instead of an inflorescence of legal hemp.

The CBD reaches values ​​of 18% and makes this inflorescence among the best of the WholesaleHenry catalogue, one of the few varieties on which we put our signature.

High quality legal Hemp Flowers

  • Content: 100% female flowers of legal Cannabis;
  • CBD concentration 18%;
  • Without seeds;
  • 100% Legal;
  • 100% Certified;
  • 0% Heavy metals and chemical pesticides;
  • Available in various formats.


(Sold as Herbal Tea) we don't sell this as a smoking product, though it is a natural herb without pesticides 


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