Why WholesaleHenry organic hemp an CBD products are lawful

We only use EU-certified varieties of hemp that have been specifically bred to almost entirely eliminate THC.

Hemp is amongst the oldest and most versatile of plants cultivated by mankind. It has been an economically important source of fibres, nutrients, and medicines for over six millennia. However, commercial interests and political influence led to a near-worldwide ban on the cultivation of hemp in the 20th century, extending into the 1990s.

In the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, an Switzerland the cultivation, processing and sale of industrial hemp and industrial hemp products is lawful. The hemp used as the raw material for our WholesaleHenry organic products is 100% compliant with applicable legislation.

We only use EU-certified varieties of industrial hemp that have been bred to reduce the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to the smallest quantity possible – allowing the lawful use and enjoyment of industrial hemp’s health-promoting ingredients.

Our products are manufactured from the seeds flowers buds and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa L plant (Hemp) initially machine chopped at the farm. They may contain technologically unavoidable, non-soluble trace amounts of natural THC as does the Human body..., far below the threshold of 0.2%. These traces have no medicinal or psychoactive effect.

On an interesting note the UK government recently passed a law which has a blanket ban on all psychoactive substances, does that mean Alcohol, Glue, Ice berg lettuces from supermarkets and other psychoactive products such as nutmeg are now illegal yet our natural Hemp flowers are legal? I assume alcohol has some form of licencing loophole but is indeed psychoactive.

We don't sell our products for smoking due to legal issues, and also mainly because a plant as diverse as Hemp which can Feed, Fuel, House, and Clothe the world shouldn't have such a limited label attached too it, you can after all smoke a lettuce from popular supermarkets does that mean they should label it a smoking product ???

Hemp fibre from the buds / stalk has always been legal when derived from government issued seed stock, the fact that we have more seedless hemp now is a testament to the advancement in growing techniques, however the cannabinoid levels remain the same within legal limits.

You can't blame a police officer who could before easily identify hemp from its many seeds for assuming such a premium seedless product was cannabis marijuana, so we don't recommend you rub it in their faces, if found with our hemp products simply explain its EU hemp not cannabis you got from wholesalehenry, if they wish to take your product having reason to believe you're lying, ask for it testing and returned to you once confirmed as Hemp, testing costs money no company for profit likes that. 

its also worth noting wholesalehenry isn't against the police, in fact our seedless hemp tea is the perfect fake cannabis for undercover agents looking to gain street cred yet still remain legal, of course you can't sell our product under the name cannabis and must inform your customers its Hemp.

our seedless flowers are also perfectly placed in the film industry, when movies depicting currently illegal high THC cannabis need a legal option for filming which still looks real.

Or for a great cup of Tea :-)