1kg premium hemp buds (seedless) for film/tv

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  • £1,800.00
  • Save £4,200.00

Less than £2 per gram!

Premium prop buds for actors/directors, taken from EU legal Hemp strains Fedora, KC Dora, we've selected the best buds from 10kg, same mix used in our Blue cheese hemp.

Can be used for Tea's / extractions, or to fool your average movie audiences with a special prop.

Don't be the next fail TV show without real buds because illegal, buy our legal prop cannabis sativa L instead.

Our fresh buds have been featured on popular entertainment channels, such as Bufu Leafy on YouTube

Trailer park boys, wish they had our product for the latest season.

(Try it now well stocks last)

 Seedless, may contain some seeds.

New pictures with trichome action coming soon

(Notice we sell our processed Hemp flowers primary for usage as Herbal Hemp Tea simmer in milk for 15 minutes to release the goodness)

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